ATS Techplus s.r.o.
Pohranicni 693/31
706 02 Ostrava - Vitkovice

You can find us here

Tel.: +420 595 955 987
Fax: +420 595 953 945

Engineering and designating activity

  • Implementation of the turn-key equipment complexes
  • Machine structures, creation of the technical documentation and 3D modelling
  • Designs of electrical systems, wiring systems, distributors and creation of documentations
  • Optimization of production processes and manufacturing methods
  • Inspections and inspection tests of selected technological equipment
  • Safety of machinery
  • Functional safety of electronic systems
  • Risk analysis, determination of risk categories
  • Inspection of technological equipment during development
  • Inspection of produced technological equipment, verification of the documentation
  • Inspection of imported technological equipment in conformity with legislation of the Czech Republic and the EU
  • Supervision of technological equipment during construction
  • Consulting and advisory services
  • Professional training